Tuesday, November 17, 2009

wool socks for your woes...

Lions and tigers and SWINE FLU? Oh my!! Fortunately, we are past the peak of this year's swine flu outbreak, but will soon be in the midst of the seasonal flu and boosting the immune system is going to be extremely beneficial as we enter into the holiday season. There are many things we can do to boost our immunity, but one of my favorite ones is a simple at-home treatment called warming socks:

The warming socks treatment is recommended at the first sign of any upper respiratory congestion. It is helpful in sore throats, ear infections, headaches, migraines, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis, sinus infections, and/or maintaining overall wellness.

This treatment works best if repeated for at least three nights in a row, or as instructed by your physician. Warming socks are best done before going to bed, leaving them on while sleeping. It's an especially effective and easy treatment for children during nap time as well.


  • 1 pair white cotton socks
  • 1 pair thick wool socks
  • Towel
  • Warm foot bath or warm bath


  • Warm feet first in a bath by soaking feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes or taking a warm bath or shower.
  • Take a pair of cotton socks and get them wet with cold water. Wring the socks out thoroughly. You don't want them dripping wet. (ankle socks work well for this... there is no need to have the wet socks above your ankles)
  • Lie down. Place cold wet cotton socks on feet. Cover with thick dry wool socks. Cover up under your blankets to avoid getting chilled.
  • Keep the socks on overnight or as long as you can. The wet cotton socks will warm up quickly and be dry in the morning.

Effects of the Warming Socks Treatment:

This treatment works to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head and throat. In addition to this, the treatment has a sedating action and many patients report that they sleep much better during the treatment. It's effective for pain relief and increases the healing response during acute illnesses.

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  1. WHAT? I am super excited to try this one. I'm buying some wool socks for us all, just in case :) Any suggestions where to buy good thick one's? This is the one topic that I can't seem to get enough 'preventative' info on, beside's get the flu shot!!! I bet you get the flu standing in line with 300 people!!! LOL